What’s Next?

Posted: 04/28/2013 in Uncategorized

So just a few observations on current events:


On Homeland Security’s 2700+ armored trucks:
So every state in the country gets 50+ of these things for “internal security”…Why doesn’t that make me feel secure?
These vehicles are bomb and bulletproof, yet they have gun ports so you can shoot at people outside without them being able to shoot you. When has even one of these ever been required on American soil? I can’t think of any example, ever, since the civil war. Even during a riot, authorities haven’t opened-fire on an armed crowd. So we need to cut funding for police, fire depts and education in order to afford 2700 of these. I get the picture. I think this demonstrates that the government is preparing for the same war I am, but perhaps not from the same side.
So how crazy am I now, shopping for a Deuce-and-a-Half of my very own? Just keeping up with the neighbors.


Yep they see it coming too. So here’s what’s gonna happen:
1. A relatively small initial shock causes a total market crash (like last time, where the collapse of the housing market caused a landslide). Probably the initial shock will involve a fuel shortage (middle-east oil shutoff, or somesuch). Then, like in 2008, every weak link in the financial system turns into spaghetti.
2. This time, we can’t just borrow more money out of thin air to prop up collapsing banks, since the debt is already unsustainable. Foreign investors dump their U.S. debt as fast as they can; the value of a dollar shrinks to 2 cents (value of hard assets like gold and silver goes straight to the moon).
3. Companies can’t afford raw materials at the new prices. Millions of people lose their jobs. Instead of blaming the bought-and-paid for congress that kept funneling money to their billionaire puppet-masters until the last possible second, they all blame Obama.
4. Public unrest grows, in the form of massive demonstrations of the homeless and unemployed. Domestic terrorists strike at perceived centers of government. People are panicked, fighting mad, looking for a scapegoat, and it’s all too easy for the Republicans to point at Obama and say, “I told you so,” even while they smirk behind their hands.
5. Republicans win the 2016 election in a landslide of racism, flag-waving and religious chest-thumping. Bombings and food riots allow the new administration to justify surveillance and drone strikes on U.S. soil against the leaders of “Domestic Terror” (or anyone speaking uncomfortable truths through a megaphone). When federal aid to the states dries up, southern states decide it’s best for them to seceed from the union to get out from under the federal debt. Homeland Security is dispatched (in those armored trucks) against state militias.
6. China, left holding the bag of now worthless U.S. debt and seeing that the situation is not going to improve, decides they will settle for Hawaii and call it even. Vital money & fuel are diverted to the military, making the crisis at home even worse. Food prices soar as interstate trucking grinds to a halt. Government-proposed rationing of food & fuel backfires, sparking well-armed riots at distribution centers.
7. Someone, no one will ever find out who, pulls up a container ship in international waters off the coast of California. It will never have to be examined by customs agents, since it will never dock. The crew opens one of the containers on deck and fires a short range missile. It doesn’t need to go far, and it doesn’t need to be accurate. It detonates a crude nuclear weapon high in the atmosphere above California, too high to cause any direct damage or injury, but high enough that the EMP pulse destroys every power grid and electronic device on the west coast. At about the same time, the container ship explodes and sinks without a trace (even a punk-ass country like N. Korea could pull this off right now).
8. Without electricity, food distribution, or deliveries of fuel, people on the west coast begin to starve. Fortunately the one thing they have that still works is bullets. Lots and lots of bullets. No one has been directly harmed by the atomic blast, but millions die in Los Angeles alone as the starving population turn on eachother.
9. And so on.

I’ll see you there.


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