Untold Truth about Fukushima

Posted: 01/07/2014 in Uncategorized


If our government won’t say it I will:
We are sitting on the very crest of an environmental disaster which will change the lives of every person on this planet. The entire Fukushima complex is a catalog of ongoing runaway disasters, each of which alone is an unprecendented nightmare, but combined boggles the imagination. And despite all best efforts, a serious earthquake at any time releases the entire Pandora’s box. I see no future in which the entire Northern hemisphere is not contaminated with radioisotopes, possibly in the form of  “hot rains.” It seems likely any remaining pacific sea life will be contaminated for a long time to come (the half-life of plutonium is 24,000 years).
I’m afraid we are witnessing the defining moment of the rest of our lives. I really hope i’m wrong.

More super-bad news from fukushima, 5 days ago:
They mention the steam is coming from the top floor of the reactor building, but they don’t point out that is where the spent-fuel pool is in these reactors; if the water in the pool boils away (as the steam would suggest), the fuel will catch fire. They say there is 89 tons of plutonium fuel in that reactor alone; but they don’t mention that if that fuel does catch fire, the environmental contamination (by my calculation) would be equivalent to detonating around 9000 Hiroshima-size bombs. Not an explosion, but an unimaginably gigantic release of super-toxic plutonium (a man-made element, plutonium is literally the most toxic substance known to mankind; a sub-microscopic dose is fatal). All these horrific facts are hidden between the lines.
There has been much press coverage about the heroic efforts to clean up the fuel pool at the #4 reactor, which was offline at the time of the accident. But the biggest revelation to me is that, as dangerous as the situation is at the #4 fuel storage pool, where they are trying to remove the explosive fuel rods like cigarettes from a crushed pack, there are THREE MORE fuel storage pools #1 – 3, where NO ONE EVEN KNOWS what is going on, because the radiation is so intense that EVEN ROBOTS CAN’T GO THERE WITHOUT BEING DESTROYED! So they’re making a big media presentation about fixing #4, the only one they can even try to work on…

I’m not going to summarize the news posts, but you should look at them.
This is a long scary article, but be sure to read (at least) the part at halfway down the page:

Makes you long for the days of the BP Oil Spill, doesn’t it? When the disaster was contained to “just” the Gulf of Mexico?
I’m making a major investment in long-term storable food, ahead of global contamination of the food supply. Prices will go through the roof once people realize what’s happening. Long term, it’s greenhouses, all food production indoors, well-watered. Needless to say, there will not be enough un-contaminated food for everyone. Not even close. Going outdoor may require protective clothing. Military-surplus Nuclear-Biological-Chem (NBC) suits are still relatively cheap since no one was told they might need one. Got mine (top, pants, gloves, full-face respirator, no boots) for less than $100. I’ll bet it originaly cost the taxpayer a grand.

I’m certainly not blaming Obama for this but…
This article really says it all. Already at least 3 TIMES worse than Chernobyl, and still growing. But our government, the tools of the energy industry, won’t even acknowledge there is a freight train bearing down on us. In fact, they obviously see the disaster coming, but aren’t saying a word:
Yes, I’ve already bought a ton of it. And you should too. But you can’t take it for more than 14 days in a row.

Aha, finally the government springs into action, by raising the “safe exposure” limit!
Problem solved! I guess if the “safe exposure limit” were the same as the “lethal limit,” there wouldn’t even be a problem, as far as the EPA is concerned. Coincidentally, the Japanese government did the same thing.

I write this because the shift to the way things may HAVE TO be, is like turning the Titanic. And the sooner you start, my friends, the less you hit the iceberg. I really truly hope, that ten years from now, I’ll be sitting outdoors in the rain with my friends, hearing “remember when Klug freaked out about Fukushima” jokes, and being called Chicken-Little. I really do.


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